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    Ryan Barnard Managing Director 082 886 3996 Ryan founded Mend A Wall CC in 2005. His Grandfather started one of South Africa’s ...
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    Andre Olivier General Manager/Quality Control 072 530 0389 Andre is the backbone of the manufacturing and logistic departments ...
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    Karien Strydom Office Administrator 011 968 1142 Karien joined the company in 2007 and has been a dedicated efforts for the company ...
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Meet Ryan Barnard

Ryan founded Mend A Wall CC in 2005. His Grandfather started one of South Africa’s very first Concrete Walling Manufacturing companies in South Africa in 1957 and Ryan literally grew up in the Concrete Walling industry. After formally joining the family business in 2002, it wasn’t long before Ryan made the decision to start building an independent company, with a view to having a more progressive approach to product development, manufacturing and installation methods. In 2007, he went on to buy out the well-known company and brand, X Tend A Wall, along with its patented and engineer approved extension sleeve for pre-cast walls which was added to Mend A Wall’s product and service offerings. Today, Mend A Wall employs over 100 people and services all 9 of South Africa’s provinces with its products and services. Over 6km’s of concrete walling and concrete palisade fencing is manufactured and installed every month by the Mend A Wall team.

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Meet Andre Olivier

Andre is the backbone of the manufacturing and logistic departments. With Andre’s military background and experience in various manufacturing companies over the years, it made sense for the company to hire someone with his expertise and flair for discipline and fine attention to detail. Having joined the company in early 2013, Andre has managed to surpass Mend A Wall’s already high standards for service excellence and quality products. Having become a highly respected member of the management team, Andre’s staff are more than willing to ensure that his desire for excellence in our factory and in the field is always met with diligence, loyalty and the pursuit of excellence.

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Meet Karien Strydom

Karien joined the company in 2007 and has been a dedicated and loyal member of the team ever since. Having had a direct impact on the massive growth of the company over the years, Karien has become an invaluable member of the team. With a vast understanding of the company’s product and service offerings, Karien is more than equipped to assist all of Mend A Wall’s clients with any information that might be required.

about us

The X-Tend-A-Wall™ extension sleeve was invented in 1995 and revolutionised the way in which pre-cast walls could be extended in height. There have been many methods and products used before the advent of X-Tend-A-Wall™ extension sleeves. These methods were effective in extending the height of a pre-cast wall, but looked unsightly and the processes involved were far from cost effective.

The conventional way of extending a pre-cast wall is called the pole on pole method. This method of extending a pre-cast wall is fundamentally flawed and severely impairs the structural integrity of the extended structures.

The standard dimensions of concrete pillars that are manufactured by the vast majority of pre cast concrete walling manufacturers are usually 130mm x 130mm by the height. These dimensions may however vary depending on the condition of the moulds used to cast the pillars. Over the years, different manufacturers have used varying dimensions of moulds for manufacturing pillars and slabs.

The fact that there are many different sized poles, often cast in poor conditioned moulds, makes it difficult to extend a pre-cast wall in the most effective way possible with the pole on pole method. If an existing pillar measures 140mm x 135mm, it wouldn't make structural sense to put a concrete extension post that measures 130mm x 130mm between the angle iron that is separate by the dimensions of your existing post. The steel used to support the extension pillars are very rarely treated with an anti-rusting agent causing sever problems over the medium to long term and could present a very serious safety hazard.

This is, however, not the case when using the X-Tend-A-Wall™ extension sleeve. The extension sleeve is made of a high strength, galvanised steel that can be manufactured, on demand, to fit any size pillar with any dimension. The X-Tend-A-Wall™ extension sleeve can extend the height of a pre-cast wall by 1.8 meters, whereas with the pole on pole method, the maximum extension height is 0.6 meters before the extended structure starts becoming flimsy and dangerous.


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